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Water 2 / 3: Aqueduct - The Water Bearer

Posted by Stu (From Scotland | Living in Kyoto, Japan) on 2 May 2007 in Architecture and Portfolio.

This is the second of a three-day international project organized by Damon, on the theme of water.

This is the famous aqueduct behind Nanzenji Temple, Kyoto. It was pretty spooky being there alone at midnight. There wasn't a soul around and it was totally silent, as if the whole place was holding it's breath. The atmosphere is heavy with the weight of history. Not even the tree branches were moving, as you can see from this 10 second exposure.
So, Damon? I'll be sending you my laundry bill!

Canon EOS Kiss X 10 second F/5.6 ISO 200 18 mm

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Kheoh Yee Wei from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

wow,this is great long exposure shot,looks like taken in the morning ! Well done on this one,Stu

2 May 2007 6:42am

Manuela Photography from Hainburg, Germany

Unbelievable! Superb work Stu.

2 May 2007 7:54am

Sylvia Van Nooten from Milano, Italy

EXQUISITE, stunning shot, I expect The Green Man to pop out, swirling with ghosts. Amazing shadows.

No shots of your laundry though, eh?

2 May 2007 8:33am

@Sylvia Van Nooten: Spoilsport ;-)

Yvon from Meerkerk, Netherlands

Wow, stunning! I love the colours and the admosphere. Well done Stu! So tomorrow a shot of your wet laundry?

2 May 2007 8:42am

@Yvon: Thanks Yvon! Was of course planning to post a shot of my wet undies tomorrow but might have to alter my devious plan after seeing Sylvia's comment. ;-)

Jerry from Tampa, United States

OUTSTANDING image Stu! Marvelous!

2 May 2007 8:58am

craiger from Vacaville, United States

Magnificent! Outstanding!!!

2 May 2007 9:28am

Rui Borges from Sintra, Portugal

Magnificent colours and architecture!

2 May 2007 9:39am

KM Faisal from Kerala,Kalpakanchery, India

nice post

2 May 2007 10:50am

Soodabeh from Yazd, Iran

WOW! Nice architecture! Well done!

2 May 2007 11:13am

Shuva Brata Deb from Hyderabad, India

Hmmm! An aqueduct, I have never seen one before. Does it still fucntion?

2 May 2007 11:17am

@Shuva Brata Deb: It sure does, Shuva! I posted this partly because I know Damon visited this place during his time in Japan. I know nostalgia is not what it used to be (...cringe) but thought a familiar sight might be an added bonus.
Thanks for dropping in Shuva!

Ken McCoy from Orlando-Daytona Beach, FL, United States

Your shooting in the dark has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I really like the strange feel added by the sky.

2 May 2007 11:18am

Helen from Melbourne, Australia

What a wonderful shot. Very atmospheric. I also like the way you have interpreted the water theme Stu.

2 May 2007 11:37am

jules from kyoto, Japan

beautiful colours here stu, well done - your turning into quite the professional!

2 May 2007 12:19pm

Alfredo J. Martiz J. from Tokyo, Japan

Nice shot Stu!

2 May 2007 1:03pm

Daroru from Amagasaki, Japan

Really amazing night shot! Really does lift it to another dimension.

2 May 2007 2:42pm

Beckie from New Hope, United States

BRAVO!! Excellent night shot! Thanks for your kind comments on my pix.

2 May 2007 3:07pm

Shawna from Regina, Canada

WoW!! This image is breathtaking. Bravo for going out at midnight to shoot this,

2 May 2007 3:15pm

Duncan Galbraith from Kyoto, Japan

LOvely shot Stu, This is a leap above yesterdays and yesterdays was a beauty! cannae wait to see what you come up with tomorrow.

2 May 2007 4:09pm

Francis from Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Beautiful shot Stu. The lighting of the bridge and the shade of the sky are fantastic.

2 May 2007 4:32pm

Jason Kravitz from Brussels, Belgium

I would not have guessed it was taken at night - makes for some great colors and shadows. I bet you enjoyed being out there alone (besides being a bit freaked out)

2 May 2007 4:44pm

badala from Leiria, Portugal

Beautiful architectural documentation here!

2 May 2007 5:49pm

Srinivas Koduri from Wheeling, United States

i wud never guess it is midnight. the light looks like it is dawn. shot well done stu.

2 May 2007 6:18pm

Zing from Hamilton, New Zealand

Wow....beautiful!! The colours are great, nice contrast, love the shadows too. And I would never have the courage go out at midnight to take shots like you do.

2 May 2007 6:56pm

filipe franco from Lagoa, Azores, Portugal

I really love the atmosphere. Beautiful work!

2 May 2007 8:47pm

Chris Sullivan from Melbourne, Australia

This does have quite an eerie feel to it, it would have felt like you were the last person on earth when you took this! I like the way the light shines through the leaves making for these ominous shadows across the duct. I think you've caught the essence of the place very nicely here, looking forward to seeing how you close the series!

2 May 2007 11:21pm

Sash from Adelaide, Australia

This is the best image I've seen you take of this - and I know you've taken plenty. The 'mood lighting' is exquisite while the shadows and sky mess with my head enough to make me wanna run away, come back, look at it again, run away again, come back again...

I wonder what a 45-second-to-a-minute exposure would look like in comparison. Hmm...I wonder... :)

3 May 2007 1:46am

@Sash: Thanks mate. It really was surreal being there at that time.

Dawn Sutherland from Phoenix, United States

The colors are beautiful, very crisp...nice!!!

3 May 2007 3:09am

H.O from Victoria, Canada

beautiful capture ! very nice work Stu :)

3 May 2007 4:09am

Michelle from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


3 May 2007 1:47pm

Damon Schreiber from Toronto, Canada

Ha! Better the bill than the laundry. And it's worth it for this shot. Amazing lighting and composition - absolutely stunning. I think these long night exposures help us know what the world looks like to nocturnal creatures.

3 May 2007 5:48pm

Angry Buddha from United States

Absolutely awesome.

4 May 2007 1:08am

Rene from Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada

Im in awe of the caliber of this night shot, I think it was well worth the effort.

4 May 2007 4:28am

Michael from Glasgow, United Kingdom

The eerie lighting does add another dimension to a great shot. Nice angle and lovely detail.

4 May 2007 10:48pm

Yongpyong from Singapore

NIce lighting of the photo :))

25 Jul 2007 3:05am