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Kids [3 of 3] - I thought that was MY kite... :-(

Posted by Stu (From Scotland | Living in Kyoto, Japan) on 14 January 2007 in Sport & Recreation and Portfolio.

Canon EOS Kiss X 1/320 second F/13.0 ISO 1600 200 mm

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Darren from Japan

Cool shot mate. A family having fun flying a kite, great way to spend the weekend.

14 Jan 2007 6:09am

@Darren: Thanks Daz!

Bronnie from Christchurch, New Zealand

Yeah, my dad would always take over my kite too - it's just NOT fair! Cool shot!

14 Jan 2007 6:14am

@Bronnie: Thanks Bronnie! Men are such kids aren't they! :-)

benjamin from Singapore

o... so its the kid saying it to his father?. haha. i like the open space you ve put between them.. makes it feel different. love it=P

14 Jan 2007 9:10am

@benjamin: Thanks Benjamin!

Dolphin from Italy

significant shot!

14 Jan 2007 9:42am

@Dolphin: Thanks Dolphin! Glad you like it.

Duncan Galbraith from kyoto, Japan

I went out with Ewan today of all days with a kite (it was Ewans induction into the world of 'fathers playing with their kids toys more than they should'). Freaky, juts got in and AM3ed and this was all rather strange...what are the odds eh?

14 Jan 2007 11:12am

@Duncan Galbraith: Thanks Duncs!

Colour blind from Tokyo, Japan

You've followed the rule of odds in this picture well done. I like the b&w choice for this picture as well. Interesting title, gave me a chuckle.

14 Jan 2007 12:52pm

@Colour blind: Thanks Kelly!

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

Cool shot...Great title!

14 Jan 2007 1:03pm

@Craiger: Thanks Craiger! Really enjoying your work recently. Keep it up.

Still from Valence, France

An interesting composition! I like how the kite is out of the field... This way of framing keep a space to imagine it!

14 Jan 2007 2:07pm

@Still: Thanks Still!

Damon Schreiber from Toronto, Canada

Great capture of a big kid (I've been there)!

14 Jan 2007 2:10pm

@Damon Schreiber: Thanks Damon! Your post yesterday was incredible.

Paul Ricciardi from West Hartford, United States

Nicely framed with the kite invisible. But what I like most about this is the composition, the rule of three is followed well here and the varying heights of the family members produces a stair step effect that leads the eye through the picture frame. The kite string also serves as a high value object connecting the low value objects in the man and woman. The white hat of the child then completes the connection as she is, much like her parents, low value and the hat high. All in all, well composed, good elements of storytelling, and good contrast.
And on yesterday's shot, it must have just been the processing that threw me off. Highly processed images tend to do that to me, I'm a film kind of guy and don't do much to my images so all of this photoshoppery tends to go over my head and mess me up!

14 Jan 2007 5:37pm

@Paul Ricciardi: Thanks Paul! I admire your use of film. It's so much easier (and cheaper!) with digital.

Daniel from United States

Pop with a fag hangin' out of his mouth. LOL>>

14 Jan 2007 5:44pm

@Daniel: Thanks Daniel! I guess it could have been part three of the smoker series!

Chris Sullivan from Melbourne, Australia

Excellently composed mate; I like how the kid is looking out of the frame not taking much interest in what Dad is up to. Another great black and white shot!

14 Jan 2007 9:47pm

@Chris Sullivan: Thanks Chris! As with many of my shots this week there was alot of luck involved!

Evelyn from New Milford, United States

Beautiful! It's very funny that the mom and the dad are holding the string, and the kid's just looking off in another direction!

16 Jan 2007 2:43am