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the shed
11 July 2015

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A perch of my own.....
17 November 2013

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first off the mark
9 May 2013

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artistic license
26 November 2012

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cold lines
23 May 2012

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distant relatives
30 November 2011

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killer instinct
25 October 2010

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Band Of Brothers
23 January 2009

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The Clyde: PS Waverley
6 January 2009

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16 February 2007

Recent Comments

Ronnie 2¢ on Michigan, Moonlight and the fountains of Lake Biwa
A very effective exposure - fine result.

Steve Rice on the matrix
Wow, this is really cool!

omid on the matrix
Wonderful !

Existence Artistique on the matrix
oh excellent

Ana Lúcia on the matrix
WOW!!! Spectacular!

Libouton Martine on the matrix

Olivier P on the matrix
Graphic and esthetic as I love ! Perfect catch ! well done !

Ralf Kesper on the matrix
Awesome! 5*

Anne on the matrix

Anna Cherer on the matrix
Beautiful graphics !

Steve Rice on face-off
Ha ha, be careful lady!

omid on face-off
very nice street shot! Lovely!

Libouton Martine on face-off
Une belle prise de rue

Ronnie 2¢ on face-off
All about timing . .

Ralf Kesper on face-off
Very good street capture.

Steve Rice on follow the yellow brick road

Existence Artistique on follow the yellow brick road
superbe ces couleurs

Libouton Martine on follow the yellow brick road
Magnifique prise !

Ralf Kesper on follow the yellow brick road
Interesting and really expressive.

Daryl Johnson on sudare
Elegantly done.

Daryl Johnson on to be or knot to be
Great vivid colour, great crisp detail.

Steve Rice on all aboard

omid on all aboard
such beautiful frame, colors & lights! Lovely portraits!

Vaido on all aboard
Bon Voyage!

Dutchess on in case of fire
Superb and colorful juxtaposition!!

Libouton Martine on all aboard
J'aime beaucoup ta photo !

Ralf Kesper on all aboard
Amazing street shot! 5*

Ronnie 2¢ on all aboard
A moment of perfect composition !

Steve Rice on in case of fire
A beautiful little shrine.

Existence Artistique on in case of fire
bien réalisé

Libouton Martine on in case of fire
Une très belle prise !

Ana Lúcia on in case of fire
Traditional vs. Modern. Nice take. Imaginative composition.

Ronnie 2¢ on in case of fire
Cannot be too careful !

Ralf Kesper on in case of fire
Lovely traditional shrine versus modern red metal box. Well seen interaction.

Steve Rice on to be or knot to be

Dutchess on to be or knot to be
Perfect focus on the curtain loop!! Beautiful and creative knot ...

Libouton Martine on to be or knot to be
Très belle composition

Existence Artistique on to be or knot to be
bien vu sur les détails

Vaido on to be or knot to be
A perfect title for that color magic :)

Ralf Kesper on to be or knot to be
Very nice detail!

Ana Lúcia on to be or knot to be
Fantastic colors.

Ronnie 2¢ on to be or knot to be
. . that is the kwestion . .

Steve Rice on full bloom

Dutchess on full bloom
This beautiful blooming tree has the leading role in this perfect composition!!

Elaine Hancock on full bloom
A beautiful blooming cherry tree. The blossoms are gorgeous!

Existence Artistique on full bloom
c'est une bonne recherche

Ralf Kesper on full bloom
Very good composing.

Ronnie 2¢ on full bloom
. . and will be gone all too soon, sadly.

Vaido on full bloom
Such a beauty inside that metal framing... I like that contrast.

Steve Rice on patch work
Too cool!

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