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the shed
11 July 2015

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A perch of my own.....
17 November 2013

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first off the mark
9 May 2013

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artistic license
26 November 2012

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cold lines
23 May 2012

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distant relatives
30 November 2011

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killer instinct
25 October 2010

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Band Of Brothers
23 January 2009

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The Clyde: PS Waverley
6 January 2009

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16 February 2007

Recent Comments

beach on sun dials
Perfect. Love the pattern, the textures, the tone. All around great shot. 5*

Existence Artistique on sun dials
bien ce graphisme

Anna Cherer on sun dials
Beautiful framing and details with a great play of light and shadows !

Ronnie 2¢ on sun dials
A well-seen study . . and clever caption !

omid on sun dials
such beautiful frame, lights & shadows! wonderful details!

Dimitrios on sun dials

Ralf Kesper on sun dials
Wonderful shadowplay. Nice detail shot.

omid on prayers
such beautiful frame, colors & lights! Amazing.

Existence Artistique on prayers
bien ce chaudron d'encens

Ralf Kesper on prayers
Top caught atmosphere.

Anna Cherer on prayers
Beautiful intimacy, light and quiet atmosphere !

Ronnie 2¢ on prayers
A sense of perfection here . .

Vaido on prayers
I admire this well-handled light in the shrine.

Steve Rice on the Faithful
A beautiful day and image.

Existence Artistique on the Faithful
bien cette perspective

Ralf Kesper on the Faithful
That's a wonderful moment.

Anna Cherer on the Faithful
A beautiful composition and quiet atmosphere !

Vaido on the Faithful
Beautiful scene.

Steve Rice on boxed in
Good to see the temple holding its own.

Vaido on boxed in
Well titled juxtaposition of old and new here.

Existence Artistique on boxed in
bien ces deux architectures

Ronnie 2¢ on boxed in
Well, the 'box' is thankfully restrained . .

Ralf Kesper on boxed in
What a contrast! Good shot.

Steve Rice on among the trees - the pagoda at Ishiyama
A lovely scene in this nice light.

Existence Artistique on among the trees - the pagoda at Ishiyama

Ronnie 2¢ on among the trees - the pagoda at Ishiyama
A sense of 'completeness' to this . . I feel it call . .

Ralf Kesper on among the trees - the pagoda at Ishiyama
Wonderful sujet!

Steve Rice on high above the city

Existence Artistique on high above the city

Ralf Kesper on high above the city
Wonderful "eagles nest".

Steve Rice on chilling in the evening light

omid on chilling in the evening light
such beautiful focus, colors & lights! Lovely!

beach on chilling in the evening light
Serene despite the cold

Existence Artistique on chilling in the evening light

Ronnie 2¢ on chilling in the evening light
Oh, those glorious colors . .

Anna Cherer on chilling in the evening light
Beautiful framing, colors, light and dof ! I love the zen atmosphere !

Anne on chilling in the evening light
Très belle composition et atmosphère

Ralf Kesper on chilling in the evening light
I like this a lot!

Steve Rice on at ease

omid on at ease
Amazing shot!

Existence Artistique on at ease
bien vu et superbe le focus à gauche en haut

Kyu on solitude
Beautiful. Stunning capture.

Ralf Kesper on at ease
Nice dragonfly!

Steve Rice on this way please
Oh, I like this a lot.

omid on this way please
such beautiful frame, perspective & color! Amazing!

Existence Artistique on this way please
bien cette perspective

Ralf Kesper on this way please
I see no alternatives there :))) But a pleasure to go, I think.

Anna Cherer on this way please
Superb perspective !

Ronnie 2¢ on this way please
Well, the path is clearly marked . . and well-trodden !

Steve Rice on solitude
Pure magic!

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