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the priest
11 May 2017

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heading home
20 February 2017

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the shed
11 July 2015

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A perch of my own.....
17 November 2013

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first off the mark
9 May 2013

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artistic license
26 November 2012

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cold lines
23 May 2012

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distant relatives
30 November 2011

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killer instinct
25 October 2010

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Band Of Brothers
23 January 2009

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The Clyde: PS Waverley
6 January 2009

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16 February 2007

Recent Comments

Lalena on matching furniture
Interesting compo! Wood is a worm material, ... I like it!

L'Angevine on patience
bien il va lui piquer son poisson

omid on patience
=)) Excellent shot!

Steve Rice on patience
Ha, the two fishermen!

L'Angevine on tieing the knot
bien cette ombrelle

Kyu on patience
Ha ha ha, nice title with the scene. Wonderful capture.

Martine Libouton on patience
Très belle prise !

Lalena on tieing the knot
Beautifukl ceremony!

Steve Rice on tieing the knot
Very elegant!

L'Angevine on colour coded
bien belle passerelle

Curly on colour coded
I guess that took some planning!!

Steve Rice on colour coded
Yes, indeed! Beautiful capture.

L'Angevine on my space
bien cette allée

Elaine Hancock on my space
This is just beautiful! Gorgeous color and a fabulous point of view!

Steve Rice on my space
I love all those lanterns.

B. Thomas on my space
The cat is a nice element to this interesting scene.

Lalena on my space
So beautiful compo and colourful!

L'Angevine on in the heart of the shrine
bel effet

Lena on in the heart of the shrine
Nice light and B/W image.

Steve Rice on in the heart of the shrine
Lovely light and shadows.

L'Angevine on deep reverence
bien ce rouge

Steve Rice on deep reverence
A beautiful shrine.

L'Angevine on this way
bien cette perspective

Steve Rice on this way

Lalena on this way
Excellent compo, light!!

L'Angevine on framing the shot

: Helen : on this way
Clever title for an already captivating image!

Steve Rice on framing the shot

Kyu on framing the shot
Superb composition. I like the excellent framing.

L'Angevine on my perch
bien perché

Anna Cherer on framing the shot
Your framing is good ! excellent composition, beautiful scene and light !

rbassin on framing the shot
belle composition, bonne lumière.

Steve Rice on my perch
Too cool!

L'Angevine on sun worship?
oh il s'étire bien ainsi

Curly on sun worship?
Ah.....practising the art of "man-spreading" :-)

Steve Rice on sun worship?
Ha ha, good question.

L'Angevine on another slow day, at Ohmi Shrine
bien ce rouge

omid on sun worship?
:) such beautiful angle, composition, colors & textures! A M A Z I N G !

Steve Rice on Best of British!

Steve Rice on the path to prayer
A beautiful climb under the blossoms.

Steve Rice on another slow day, at Ohmi Shrine
A beautiful view of the gate.

L'Angevine on the path to prayer
bien la montée

Curly on the path to prayer
I guess they intended us all to aspire to higher places :-)

L'Angevine on Best of British!

L'Angevine on soft light
superbe ce graphisme

Steve Rice on soft light

Curly on soft light
Excellent graphism.

Olivier P on soft light
Nicely graphic ! Well done !

L'Angevine on old world
c'est beau

Steve Rice on old world
An excellent composition and DOF. I enjoy the post box and wonderful houses.

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