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the shed
11 July 2015

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A perch of my own.....
17 November 2013

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first off the mark
9 May 2013

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artistic license
26 November 2012

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cold lines
23 May 2012

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distant relatives
30 November 2011

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killer instinct
25 October 2010

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Band Of Brothers
23 January 2009

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The Clyde: PS Waverley
6 January 2009

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16 February 2007

Recent Comments

omid on aqua
Lovely! Lovely!

MAU on aqua
Beautiful colors.

Steve Rice on aqua

Existence Artistique on aqua

Babzy on aqua
makes a nice effect :)

Marie on aqua
Beautiful panel of colors

pierre parent on aqua
Superbe !

Steve Rice on 5 o'clock stubble
An excellent portrait of this critter.

Existence Artistique on 5 o'clock stubble
superbe ces ailes

Aubélia on 5 o'clock stubble
Wonderful !

Existence Artistique on 5 o'clock stubble

omid on 5 o'clock stubble
such beautiful composition, focus, details & colors! Amazing macro shot.

Steve Rice on the perfectly formed ginko tree
A beautiful yellow flame!

Existence Artistique on the perfectly formed ginko tree

Babzy on the perfectly formed ginko tree
like a lollipop ! :)

omid on hidden Kyoto
Lovely place! Lovely colors!

Steve Rice on hidden Kyoto
A splendid find.

Existence Artistique on hidden Kyoto
belle capture

MEC on last light
Wonderful colors !!

Steve Rice on last light

Existence Artistique on last light
intéressant travail

Steve Rice on on the hood
Cool capture.

Aubélia on on the hood
Beautiful composition.

Martine Libouton on on the hood
J'adore 5*

Existence Artistique on on the hood
belle recherche

Anna Cherer on on the hood
Beautiful and elegant composition !

omid on on the hood
very nice shot! L O V E L Y !

Darkelf Photography on harmony
Wonderfully spiritual and harmonious indeed!

Steve Rice on harmony
Perfect harmony.

Dimitrios on harmony
magic frame, bravo

Existence Artistique on harmony
oh c'est génial

Steve Rice on last light
Wonderful colors in that fine carpet.

Martine Libouton on last light
Superbe !

Existence Artistique on last light
c'est du bon travail

Babzy on last light
Wonderful carpet !

Ronnie 2¢ on last light
Such wonderful intensity.

Steve Rice on J-Cycle
A great low angle and colorful carpet of leaves for the cyclists.

Dimitrios on J-Cycle

Lalena on J-Cycle

Existence Artistique on J-Cycle

omid on J-Cycle
:) such beautiful angle, composition, colors & lights! L O V E L Y !!!!!!!!!!

Anna Cherer on J-Cycle
Beautiful autumn scene and low angle with the gingko leaves on the ground !

Steve Rice on different
That is so cool!

omid on different
:) Lovely colors !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Katherine on last light

Existence Artistique on different

Aubélia on different
Beautiful colors.

Rebecca on defense
Beautiful black and white. Excellent work all around.

Steve Rice on framed
Beautifully framed.

Steve Rice on defense
A spectacular shot of my favorite castle.

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