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still life
18 December 2017

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worlds collide
19 January 2018

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the shed
11 July 2015

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A perch of my own.....
17 November 2013

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first off the mark
9 May 2013

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artistic license
26 November 2012

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cold lines
23 May 2012

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distant relatives
30 November 2011

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killer instinct
25 October 2010

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Band Of Brothers
23 January 2009

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The Clyde: PS Waverley
6 January 2009

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16 February 2007

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on winter wonderland

Existence Artistique on snow on the tracks
bien ce bleu pâle

rem_la on snow on the tracks
belle pperspective

Lalena on Shisa, on Taketomi Island
Woww! excellent!

Existence Artistique on Shisa, on Taketomi Island

Babzy on Shisa, on Taketomi Island
nice details :)

Existence Artistique on hot tin roof
bien ce toit rouge

Michael Skorulski on hot tin roof
A great image and splendid title. All you need is the cat.

Steve Rice on winter wonderland

Existence Artistique on winter wonderland
oh génial

Steve Rice on in the deep freeze

Existence Artistique on in the deep freeze

Darkelf Photography on last light
Beautiful light and gorgeous colours.

Steve Rice on last light

Lai Chan See on last light

Lalena on last light
Wow!!! Excellent catch!! Wondreful coloursful!

Existence Artistique on last light

Michael Skorulski on last light
A lovely colorful frame.

Steve Rice on Golden-hour

Existence Artistique on Golden-hour

Steve Rice on surface tension

omid on surface tension
very nice shot! Lovely!

Existence Artistique on surface tension
superbe ces lignes

Steve Rice on winter wonderland
Beautiful winter art!

Existence Artistique on winter wonderland
bel effet sous ce cadrage

Le Krop on winter wonderland
Très belle image. (Me rappelle les paysage entrevus par la vitre du train ce jour-là)

Steve Rice on The Guardian (III) - getting grubbier
The fox needs a good cleaning it seems. Maybe a better fix of his ear trouble, too.

Existence Artistique on The Guardian (III) - getting grubbier
superbe cette perspective à gauche et ce regard de la statue

Steve Rice on the sun goes down
Beautiful composition and light.

Existence Artistique on the sun goes down
bien cette lumière et horizon

Steve Rice on the drain pipe

mac on the drain pipe
Preciosa la foto

Lalena on the drain pipe
Excellent graphisme!!!!

Jean-Luc.M on the drain pipe
Superbly graphic with the shadow !

Olivier P on the drain pipe
Nicely graphic ! Well done !

Babzy on the drain pipe
Excellent framing with the shadow :)

ceteceva on the drain pipe
Aplomb et déroulé superbe !

Existence Artistique on the drain pipe
oh génial

Steve Rice on some are more equal than others
They mirror life.

Ronnie 2¢ on some are more equal than others
I imagine that's the way it is always gonna be . . .

Existence Artistique on some are more equal than others
oh superbe ce cadrage en deux parties

Steve Rice on warm clothes & icicles
They'll be happy with warmer weather.

Existence Artistique on warm clothes & icicles

Steve Rice on new aprons all-round
All freshened up. Neat shot.

Existence Artistique on new aprons all-round
oh superbe

Darkelf Photography on tough times
This looks bleak and cold. You photographed the winter mood very well here. I can feel the chill right here.

Steve Rice on tough times
So cold and so beautiful.

Existence Artistique on tough times

Michael Skorulski on tough times
A wild and beautiful winter scene.

Steve Rice on goofy

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